Are you suffering from dandruff during winter season in Canada?

Winter Season is generally from December, to February, though it can also start in November and last through early April especially in the eastern part of Canada.

For new immigrants, they find winter season lovely, but surprisingly this can also be the season when you have a scalp that gets irritated easily and you'll get dandruff due to dry winter. But should we blame winter for our dandruff? To answer this, let's understand what is dandruff, what causes dandruff and how you can treat it.

Some researchers states that, estimated half of the population in the world have suffered from a flakey scalp at some point in their lives even though there are hundreds or thousands of anti-dandruff shampoos on the market.

Actually people are having dandruff not because of dryness cause by winter season. It is due to an overgrowth of a harmless yeast, feeding on the excess oil and dead skin cells on our scalp leading the skin cells to shed often and clump into flakes.

So how can we solve it?

To solve the issue, you should Wash your scalp everyday as not shampooing your scalp will only make your dandruff worse. This is contradictory to some myth that you should not wash your hair everyday with shampoo, because you’ll strip the natural oils of your scalp and hair of which cause irritation. But what actually happens is that when you don't wash your hair, it becomes oily and dead skin cells is accumulated on your scalp, feeding yeast and fungi. So please wash your hair daily.It is recommended to use not an ordinary shampoo but a medicated dandruff shampoo. You can find variety of medicated shampoo in any drugstores in Canada. The medicated shampoo should contains ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, or zinc. And to avoid making your hair brittle, you may use a dandruff conditioner too.

If you don’t see any changes in your condition after washing for a week or two with a medicated shampoo, then you need to book for an appointment to any dermatologist the get proper remedy and treatment. It might not be a simple dandruff but you might have psoriasis or a skin inflammation from products with harsh chemicals that create an allergic reaction or sensitivity that dries out your scalp. The flakes resulting from these conditions would have nothing to do with dandruff.

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