Increase in Child Benefit Program.

Receiving child allowance (i.e. Canada's child benefit - CCB) per child is one of the perks of being a permanent resident of Canada. The amount depends on various factors such as number of eligible children, age of eligible children and your family income. The CCB are calculated by the government of Canada for the period of July of each year (covering July of current year and June of next year).

Based on the recent announcement by the Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, effective July 20, 2018, the CCB is being indexed to inflation, which means an increase to keep up with the growing cost of living.

This could lead to a maximum annual amount per child children as follows:

  • Under age 6 to $6,496 instead of $6,400.
  • Age Between 6 to 17 to $5,481 instead of $5,400.

Apart from the CCB value, the income brackets for eligibility are also changing to adopt with the increase of cost of living in Canada. Family receiving a total of Cad 30450 will receive the maximum CCB.

To calculate the amount of benefit you may be eligible for, click here.