Ineligible for Express Entry ? No worries, Student Pathway is the solution

There are many individual who's either ineligible for express entry programs, can't get provincial nomination, or have a low CRS score and still wishes to go to Canada the fastest way.

Luckily, there is still a way to go to canada which can help you in the future when you apply for Permanaent Residency in Canada. This is possible by applying Student Visa. Below are advantages:

  • during school terms, you can work for maximum of 20hours per week.
  • post graduation, you can apply for Open Work Permit.
  • can be a way to get Canada PR.
  • You can go to canada your spouse and kids (note: your spouse can apply for open work permit).

Please note that not all schools are qualified to get open work permit post graduation hence you need to be careful in selecting schools for this purpose. I would advise that you inquire and go for most of the public school.

One of the key disavantage of the Student Visa is that it will cost you a hefty amount of money (e.g. school fees, application fees, proof of funds etc.)

Below are the few things you need to consider when opting for Student Visa:

1. Decide what you want to study

You might want to upgrade your education background by taking masteral courses or related courses.

2. Decide where you want to study

You might wanted to consider those provinces where you have relatives or close friends. You might need their support during your study.

3. Decide which school you want to enroll

You might want to go for community (Public) School that can cater the course you plan to take.

You might also need to consider location, tuition fees and whether you can comply with all the school requirements.

4. Decide when you will enroll.

Depending on your qualification, you can apply for the next enrollement period.

5. Research if the school you wanted to enroll requires academic IELTS or not?

Not all schools in Canada requires IELTS so please re-confirm to save money.

To get better idea about the school you are scouting for, contact the School Administration of that school via email and inquire how to apply as an International Student.

6. Understand when you will get your Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

You will get LOA after you comply will all the school requirements. Pleas note that some schools may require you to pay for the whole first year tuition fees; some would require you to pay just a portion of it before you will be issued an LOA.

7. Apply for your student permit (and Open Work Permit)

You can do it by paper or online

8. Prepare a well written Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This is very vital and you should invest time in drafting a well written SOP. This will be the ultimate picture of your whole application. It is one of the key documents that Visa office will review.

9. a Completeness Check for your application

Be sure that your application is complete before you submit your application.

10. Submit your application