Beware of CRA Fraud Scam.

A letter from a new Immigrant to Canada story

We landed in April 2018 in Toronto, Canada and we stayed in one of the basement we rented through AirBnB for 1000 CAD a month.

Being a new Immigrant, we love to roam around Toronto and use the public transportation. People are kind and me and my family love the weather and parks among other things.

One day on a way home from High Park (one of the municipal park in Toronto, Canada), I received a call from stranger and when I answer it, the other person close the line. My wife told me that maybe it is for job interview and better to give them a return call.

Later that day, I call the number and it was answered by a man. He said "This call is from Canada Revenue Agency. The reason we are trying to contact you is to inform you that there is a lawsuit filed against you by the Canada Revenue Agency for not paying your taxes. And there is a warrant of arrest issued under your name. You are ordered to report to our office immediately to avoid any deportation".

I was taken by surprise and was speechless for a moment, trying to comprehend what was being said. I ask the man on the other line and start asking questions in interrogative voice. I start asking the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you calling me for?
  • Where did you get my number?
  • How did you get my number?
  • Where is your office?

Then he started asking for confidential information like my SIN -social security number and bank account details. That moment, I realized the person on the other line is a Scammer, a fraudster who wanted to get money out from me. I hang up the phone and told the man that I will report him to the police.

My wife did report the matter to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Below are the key information relating to report a fraud and what you can do when you become a victim.