Steps for Getting Ontario Driving License

The rules for driving in Canada and its provinces like Ontario may be different from what you are familiar with. There are serious consequences if you break certain driving laws. In Canada, they implement the Demerit Point System which can raise your car insurance rates and can cause your licence to be revoked. On top of that, you can also get tickets from a police officer at the time of getting the demerit points. So be extra careful and understand the driving laws.

Before you drive in Canada, be sure you have a driving license or else you will get violation and fines. Below are steps in getting Ontario driving license:

  • 1. Walk-in to Drivetest center with your DL extract, Indian DL, Passport, Landing papers/PR card, Credit Card/Cash, Pen, eyewear (if any) and Patience.
  • 2. Take a token number for G1 test and wait for your turn.
  • 3. Your documents will be verified, eye test and payment of 105.75 (for direct G eligibility) or 158.75 (for G2 eligibility).
  • 4. Appear for test: 20 questions each, 2 sections (Road Signs and Road Situations). You can prepare for that well in advance using G1 Genius (G1 Genie app). 75-85% questions are almost the same. You need 16/20 correct in each of the test.
  • 5. If you pass, you will be given paper based G1 license, valid for 90 days. The photo license, you'll get in the post. You can start taking driving lessons from an approved instructor in the meanwhile. (30$ to 40$ per lesson ranging from 45-60 mins).
  • 6. Book for a G or G2 test, you'll need a car for test, usually people take instructor's car. So plan accordingly with them.
  • 7. If you book G ($89), waiting is almost 30-45 days. As and when slots open before it, you can reschedule.
  • 8. Appear for G road test, if you clear, you can drive without restrictions.

PS: Furnishing DL extract with 3+ years driving experience, allows you to skip the G2 road test requirement and give G directly (single try, if you don't clear, you will have no option but to appear for G2 and then later for G).