A Recent Landing in Canada Stories (new immigrant experience)

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Landed in Oct 22, 2018

Landed safely in Toronto yesterday and the whole journey was quite comfortable, will share my experience in brief:

We had booked our flites with Emirates from Delhi via Dubai. I, my husband and my 7mo baby thad booked a bassinet seat and it made the whole journey quite manageable. Emirates airline is very particular about the wt. of bags(23kg/bag), we were overweight by 3-4kgs and they allowed 2kgs extra n asked us to adjust the other 2kg in our cabin luggage which can be upto 10kgs including your laptop bag.

At the toronto airport we were asked few questions about our son’s immigration details, any food items that we were carrying and if we were expecting any more luggage/baggage from India.

They whole process took less than half n hour and we were out with our luggage within half n hour.

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Landed in Oct 21, 2018

Alright so we had Emirates flight DEL-DXB and DXB-YYZ with a layover in Dubai for 36hours. You can get longer layovers by booking via multi-city option. Emirates fares for connecting flight and multi-city fares were almost the same (which was a breather). The only catch is that if the layover is more than 24hrs, you have to take out the luggage and then re-checkin later. They have 'left luggage' feature at T3 at 25aed per piece per 12hours. You may collect the luggage later just before re-checkin.


DXB-YYZ was comfortable. It became more so coz occupancy was less and hence more free seats to sleep. Food etc was good and so was the service. My 7-month old infant was comfortable for most part of the journey, I believe thanks to advanced cabin pressure in A380. We were told by lady at the counter that although cabin luggage allowance is 7kg, they allow max 10kg including laptop etc. So we stuffed our cabin luggage more by balancing the checkin extra luggage. Nobody checked the dimensions of our bags (atleast for our flight). It was a surprise that nobody checked weight of cabin luggage on this flight. More surprsingly, people were carrying more than 1 piece of cabin (duty free, laptops, lady hand bag and standard hand bag) but no official stopped anyone. It may not be the case with other dxb-yyz emirates flights as we have heard many other cases in this group itself. So i believe it is subjective to people on duty and their mood or flight occupancy and hence seriousness to allow extra cabin luggage. Towards the end of flight we were given the standard declaration card.

Canada Airport:

T1 terminal is a very clean and well maintained terminal much better than dubai T1. The T3 in Toronto was old (i had arrived at t3 last year). We did the immigration. Canadian PR holders had to do kiosk checkin of PR cards. We went to standard line as our baby did not have PR.


The guy was not even aware of full rules. He asked me why i did not get a PR visa for my baby instead of TRV. I told him the rule to which he smiled and said he did not know about it. He stamped the declaration card.

The luggage arrived and we picked and moved towards exit whr we passed thru some guys who were collecting our declaeation card. They took the card and let everyone go. I did not see anyone being investigated by custom guys on GTA or GTF. Now i am not sure if i missed any step here coz last year at t3 i remember being investigated on GTA and GTF and being stamped n all. Nothing of that sort at T1. Can someone guide on this?

All in all :

In my opinion, A380 is the only suitable plane for long-hour flights. You just dont realize when time passes. People traveling from India should not think twice before booking this since the Emirates flights originating from India are much cheaper.

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Landed in Sep 30, 2018

Hey everyone I'm writing my experience while traveling with Emirates. The flight I took was at 3:30 in the morning it was Airbus A380. In my experience it is much better than the Boeing Triple 7 300 ELR that we usually take. the seats are wider and the leg space is much better. Last time when I landed it was Terminal 3 but this time it was Terminal 1. The difference between last time and this time was that for the declaration card you have to fill on screen at Terminal 3 but at Terminal 1 you fill the card provided and scan it on a kiosk. The only difference between the soft Landing and the second Landing that I observed was that you have to scan your PR card instead of your passport. Moreover you are not escorted to the immigration. You just pass through 1 Guy which is cbsa who checks your declaration. on the declaration card you have to declare the value of new goods bought or received as gift and keep your last out date from canada handy. make sure you over declare rather than under declare. i was carrying two cartons hence on sceptism of final cbsa officer i was asked to go to examination area. Here they will inspect each and every item in your luggage and hand carry as well. even the small pockets, a detailed thorough check. make sure all labels are removed from the clothes and nothing is boxed e.g. perfumes etc. they make own assessment of declared value if it is less than your declaration then you are okay. allowed goods value is cad 800 if you absent more than 7 days.