A Recent Landing in Canada Stories (new immigrant experience)

Hey guys, reached Toronto yesterday. It's so beautiful here

Our landing experience was really good. We had absolutely no problems. We took Air France from Mumbai to Toronto. Had a layover at Paris for 5 hours.

We reached Mumbai airport at 10:30 pm. Our families came to drop us at the airport so we kept a buffer period of half an hour to meet them. We went inside at 11pm. We had checked our baggage weight with a digital device. So our baggage weight was below 23kgs. Our hand luggage was above 7kgs. So we asked our families to wait outside if there was any problem. But there was no problem at all. I'd suggest you to carry 2 women bag with all the heavy but small things so it does not count in the check in baggage weight. They don't check the laptop bag and the womens bag. At least in our case they didn't. From Mumbai to Paris, our journey was smooth. I heard some bad reviews about air France but I think it's good.

Paris layover was also smooth. They have a good lounge area where you can sleep peacefully. Instead of sleeping, we had a good stroll of the airport. Paris airport is beautiful.

Finally we landed Toronto at about 4:15 pm local time. We had to scan our passport. After scanning we got a receipt. Keep that receipt safely, you'll need that at the exit. After which we went to the immigration counter. There was a huge line. We took around an hour to complete that. The officer hardly asked us anything. They just asked us if we had a Canadian address. We gave him that address and then he asked us to sign the COPR. He told us that we'll receive our PR card in 2 months at the given address. THATS IT!!

After which we filled a form for our SIN number and collected our bags. Now we saw a few people leave directly. Don't do that mistake. Ask the officer where can we fill our goods to follow list. We had our list ready but we did a mistake! We forgot to carry printouts of our jewellery. But the officer was very helpful. He gave us the form and asked us to submit it anytime we visit the airport next (within a year) and submit this list. After which he opened the exit door and welcomed us to Canada l.

Guys, if you are landing now in a few days. Keep your hoodies, jackets, layering clothes, shoes, gloves, etc handy. It's starting to get cold here and we are not use to this climate. As soon as you leave the airport, wear your jackets. It's 4 degrees here today. But it's beautiful here. People are very polite here. We had no jetlag (not uptil now).

See you all in this beautiful country soon