Winter tips for Newcomers to Canada

Credit to the original poster

Having seen 2 winters and now going to see the 3rd winter inshaAllah, I am summarizing few of my winter tips for newcomer friends :

  • 1. Follow the weather instructions/advisories as they mean what they mean. The weather conditions can be worse than the posted advisory.
  • 2. Gear up for sure. Pay close attention to 'black ice ' conditions. Walk slowly and dont put hands in pockets when you suspect black ice conditions. God forbid, if you fell with hands in pocket, you won't be able to engage hands to reduce the impact. One can still slip with winter shoes on so be careful.
  • 3. Those who are driving, make sure drive slow particularly when 'icy conditions ' are advised. In Feb 18, I was driving Dodge with sudded winter tyres on around 8ish in the morning. We had snow few days befofe so leftover snow/black ice/icy conditions were prevelant. I somehow increased the speed from 50 to 60km and as road statted to bend, my car rotated at 90 degree in a blink of second but quickly became straight right after hitting rear left tyre with the pavement. I kept driving, thinking all is good and thankfully there was no one behind me, so no accident/collusion. However, in May 18, at one of the red signal, someone came off running from the car behind me and said "your left rear tyre is wobbling ". within seconds signal was green and I had to drive. Now, you would be surprised that feb hit actually had an impact and damaged the rim and bearing was also damaged. So the conclusion is, anything can happen during winter conditions so be as careful as you can be.
  • 4. Pay attention to 'slippery conditions ', I have witnessed running cars with engine on, slipping backwards at red stop on the road. My car was behind that one and I was scared to death thinking of the hit to my car. Alhamdolillah, nothing happened. Sadly, further ahead after the signal, there was one car that ditched into the fence, perhaps car slipped off. Paramedic and polcie were on seen. Later, it transpired that the driver in that accident died. Trust me, it looked like a normal road, but weather made it killer.
  • 5. Avoid driving right after snow,particularly when roads have not been plowed. I once was driving with 1 feet snow piled up and it was still snowing, I ended up almost hitting the electric poll.

Hopefully you would find them helpful. Safe driving and a good winters to those who are already in Canada.