Congratulations! You received your CoPR and already thinking of what to do for landing. Below are a short checklist to start with:

1: Make sure all your passport including dependents are all valid (6months or more validity) and maintain photocopy with you.

2: Book for tickets and arrange your accommodation.

3: Do you need driving license, if you have previous one, it is only valid for 1 year.

4: Have insurance at least for 3 months. Medical in Canada is not cheap and you need to be cover until you get your medical from Canada.

5: Have photocopy of important papers from cic.

6: If your renting, have arrangement with your landlord, if you need to end it as you will be permanently relocating to Canada.

7: Settle your bills like utilities, credit card, subscriptions etc. You don't want to pile it up of you plan not to return.

8: If you need to sell out your furniture etc, do it. You can use these money for Canada.

9: Think.It through if you need to maintain your other bank. Close it if not needed.

10: Give your address to your family or friends.

11: If you will just have vacation, redirect your office mail or have an auto response mail. So they know your on holidays.