What to Consider After Receiving your most awaited Passport Request Email

The moment has come and your received your most awaited email from Canada Immigration and Citizenship. Unofficially, applicants call this as PPR email. The PPR email contains the instructions that needs to be done for you to receive the visa stamped in your passport along with the Copy of Permanent residency for the main applicant and his or her dependents.

Now that's You received your CoPR, you might also be thinking of what to do for landing. Below are a short checklist to start with:

  • 1. Make sure all your passport including dependents are all valid (6months or more validity) and maintain photocopy with you.
  • 2. Book for tickets and arrange your accommodation.
  • 3. Do you need driving license, if you have previous one, it is only valid for 1 yr.
  • 4. Have insurance at least for 3 months. Medical in Canada is not cheap and you need to be cover until you get your medical from Canada
  • 5. Have photocopy of important papers from cic.
  • 6. If your renting, have arrangement with your landlord, if you need to end it as you will be permanently relocating to Canada.
  • 7. Settle your bills like utilities, credit card, subscriptions etc. You don't want to pile it up of you plan not to return
  • 8. If you need to sell out your furniture etc, do it. You can use these money for Canada
  • 9. Think.It through if you need to maintain your other bank. Close it if not needed
  • 10. Give your address to your family or friends. 11. If you will just have vacation, redirect your office mail or have an auto response mail. So they know your on holidays.

Good luck