How to overcome the issue of having No Canada Work Experience

Once your permanently landed to Canada, one of the first objective you should accomplish next to having place to live in, is finding a job.

It is very common that newly landed immigrants faced is "How can I get a job in Canada if I don't have Canadian work experience" and "How can I get Canadian work experience without previously having a job in Canada?"

But it is not really not having Canadian work experience is the core problem. The main problem is that how can we linked the skills that we learned and gained in foreign countries to the skill set required in Canada.

There are two skill set that we need to overcome this issue of having No Canada Work Experience as follows:

Excellent English Language Skills

This is one of the vital important abilities required for any individual seeking employment in Canada. If your originally a non English speaker, you need to practice and you may want to consider to spend more time with people who speak English. You may also want to go to various centers that is funded by the Canadian government to attend free English language training for immigrants.

Strengthen your Networking Skills

It is a well known well known fact that there is limited professional network for any new immigrant. One's ability to build various connections can significantly increase available job opportunities in the country and eventually can earned you a job. You can strengthen your networks through attending various free immigrant employment programs sponsored by the government of Canada. Further, it is highly advisable that new immigrants find volunteer work as an alternative to temporary work in order to acquire Canadian work experience.

It is true that as newcomers to Canada, you will faced various challenges when entering the job market. However, if you can able to demonstrate the above skills and focus on improving your English language skills and networking skills, then your chances of gaining employment increases.